Never expected I could get HEPA filters for such a low price

I never really thought too much about using overpriced air filters in the past.

I used air filters that were decent, I never went for the cheapest 1s either.

I just used air filters that I thought had a reasonable MERV rating as well as that would keep the air quality alright in our home! One day though, our sibling was raving about these current HEPA filters that she found. She said she ordered them online from an Heating, Ventilation and A/C supplier as well as the air filters were way cheaper compared to buying from a local hardware store. I found it difficult to think that I could get HEPA filters for a cheap price, however she was right. I noticed that I could save money by buying in bulk too, so I ordered a 12 pack of HEPA filters as well as they were delivered within 3 afternoons. I couldn’t think how fast the delivery was as well as it was about time for me to change our air filter anyway, so I just threw a HEPA filter in our Heating, Ventilation and A/C as well as the air quality improved a good deal in our home. The most shocking thing is that I paid roughly the same price per air filter as I was paying for our normal air filters that I was buying from the hardware store. On top of that, the shipping was free, so there was nothing to be upset about. I’m really thankful that our sibling decided to believe about me when she found such a good deal for HEPA filters. I will be using these air filters moving forward, even if they become more overpriced.

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