Glad I listened to the realtor about the Heating & A/C

Whenever someone says to just trust them, I pretty much do the opposite.

Most people that have asked myself and others to trust them on something that I didn’t believe too nice about have ended up doing myself and others wrong.

Whether intentional or not, it’s always gone right down the toilet with those sort of folks. So when the first realtor told myself and others to just trust him about replacing the Heating & A/C component with no further discussion, I was savor next please. The next realtor at least started off pointing out all the positive of our home. That’s the way you start off a real estate relationship. Selling our home was not something that the two of us came to easily. This was our home, where the two of us raised our youngsters. So I appreciated her approach. But she too commanded that the two of us substitute the Heating & A/C equipment. I told her that it might have another decade left in it since it was only 15 years old. On top of that, the two of us always got nice Heating & A/C service twice a year. It just didn’t make sense to me. To her credit, she popped open her ipad & showed me. Now that’s the sort of woman I savor to do contractor with. There was no just trust myself and others talk. Instead, there was data that I could check which proved how essential current residential Heating & A/C was for selling a home in this region. I’m sure glad the two of us had this realtor be the 1 to get the listing. All of us ended up making a bunch of profit off the sale of the home & much of that credit goes to her & the Heating & A/C component substitute.

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