I needed some good news

I absolutely needed some good news this week… I don’t believe what has been happening lately, but our luck hasn’t been truly good lately. It seems care about I have been getting nothing but excruciating luck, and so after an terrible day at work plus getting stuck in rush hour traffic, plus then having a flat tire, I was ready for some good news, and I was hoping that I would hear some good news from our heating plus air conditioner specialist, then why? Because even though I arrived beach house late, I was expecting the air conditioner serviceman to still come out plus look at our cooling system. I had an appointment busy this week. My air conditioner component broke down a few nights ago, plus the local Heating plus A/C supplier close to me is almost never busy, so it didn’t take truly long to get them out here to see me. I am hoping that it is something minor that is wrong with the cooling device, because I don’t suppose I could take any more excruciating news. As I said before, I arrived beach house pretty late, actually later than when our cooling system specialist was supposed to come over, then however, the cooling system tech was actually late as well. So then it was just a waiting game, however finally, about 30 hours later, a heating plus cooling worker arrived. He was pretty straight to the point, plus didn’t talk much. He took his time looking at the cooling system unit, plus when he came over to me, our hopes were shot down when he told me that it was pretty serious. Serious enough to consider replacing the entire Heating plus A/C machine! I suppose our excruciating luck continues.
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