I was uncertain about a current thermostat

I wasn’t so sure on the proposal of getting a current thermostat, but our roommate was determined to get 1.

I am exactly the kind of woman that does not savor change, then once I find something that works for me, I am genuinely not going to let it go for a long time.

My roommate but, is the polar opposite. She enjoys to try anything & everything, & because of this, the two of us have had some complications. So when the thermostat was having complications, our roommate was immediately wanting to go out & get a current 1, preferably a smart thermostat. I already didn’t savor the proposal of a nest thermostat in our shared home, even though I absolutely didn’t savor the proposal of already going out & getting a current thermostat, however just because the dial thermostat has had a few complications as of recently, does not mean the two of us need to rush out & get a current 1. I am not a fan of going out & spending money unless the two of us have a nice reason to. However, even as I was thinking it, I could see our roommate already on a local heating & cooling system contractor website looking at all of their available options. I wanted to call a heating & cooling system contractor & ask them their opinion, even though I couldn’t help but to be afraid that they would side with our roommate. I don’t know, even though I entirely don’t savor the proposal of getting a current thermostat anytime soon! Especially when our current thermostat is still functioning.

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