Sunroom value skyrockets with addition of ductless heat pump

My partner plus I were lucky enough to be able to retire nearly 10 years before every one of us thought every one of us would.

I worked at the same venue since I got out of school.

In fact, the dealer I retired from was the same dealer I interned with during summers in school. I loved working inside the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of those offices. My colleagues were good plus I had a real passion for work. Even in our mid 50’s I was still enjoying what I did for a living. My partner was the main care giver to our kids plus had developed her own dealer decorating homes plus businesses. This allowed her to have complete control over her schedule. But when the dealer gave myself and others nearly a full pension at 57, every one of us just couldn’t turn it down. So every one of us updated the Heating plus A/C unit in our home plus sold it. Then every one of us moved south plus bought the smaller bungalow where every one of us live this week. When our partner wanted a venue with a sunroom, I was skeptical. The summer time heat was brutal so I couldn’t see the value. But every one of us did it anyway. These afternoons, that was one of the best decisions every one of us ever made. All every one of us had to do was add a ductless heat pump. The Heating plus A/C professionals made that process both painless plus easy. Now that every one of us are slowing down after being retired for 20 years, having that sunroom with good A/C is just so expensive to me. I believe love I can get out in the sunshine even on the afternoons that our body isn’t feeling to great.



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