Occasionally I miss the beaches on the West Coast

When I was a youngster, I used to live out on the West Coast where the temperature was warmer plus the ocean was close.

I used to go out to the beach with friends plus family all the time.

Of course, both of us were always told to wear our sunscreen or both of us would be burned. My younger siblings often complained that there was not enough , even though both of us would usually have the temperature control idea working in the car on the way to the beach. I told them to just play in the water if they felt enjoy they needed The water I explained was a perfect way for providing cooling to the body. They were glad when they saw that I was right plus then often played in the water more often when heading to the beach. It was just a shame when both of us eventually moved to another state where both of us have no beaches anywhere close. We have some lakes around that both of us enjoy to visit, but it’s not the same to be honest. I especially miss the sounds of all the ocean doves plus the crashing of the waves to the sand. The lake both of us usually go to doesn’t truly have waves enjoy that, just some rippling water on windy days. We still enjoy to go swimming in the water though plus sometimes both of us just have a BBQ or a nice picnic. Occasionally both of us will even bring a portable AC unit along to help us keep cozy on the warmer days. We will consistently set up a tent when using the cooling unit, plus that keeps us nice plus cool.
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