Our child has a mission in life to help save the environment

Something our child was adamant about was making sure to do what he could to help save the environment.

She always said how pollution to the environment was putting critters in danger plus causing the extinction of various species around the planet. She said this was not right plus there was no reason why human beings couldn’t work harder to save the environment instead of continuing to pollute everything. I always thought he had wonderful points with everything, but he pushed it on us though. She said that all of us needed to think about trading in our gas guzzling cars for hybrid or electric vehicles. She also started talking about our HVAC equipment. She provided us a giant deal about using disposable air filters that were filling up landfills anywhere when all of us could invest in washable air filters. She also said that our HVAC system was too old plus all of us should consider investing in a system that doesn’t pollute the environment like a geothermal HVAC system. She’s honestly too smart because I didn’t even think about geothermal HVAC systems, as for the other things, I explained to his that all of us would try to do better, but all of us could only do so much at a time. Both of us invested in a hybrid vehicle, but it will take awhile before all of us can invest in a geothermal HVAC system. Both of us have been using washable air filters though which I think is a giant step for us. I entirely would never have thought to do these things if not for our child trying to push us in the right direction.

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