Our son became successful because he put his mind to his songs plus universitying

When our son was younger, he always enjoyed listening to hip hop plus songs with funky beats.

  • While both of us didn’t want him listening to songs that was too over the top, he found a lot of underground songs that was surprisingly more appropriate than a lot of that mainstream garbage.

He even managed to find a lot of interesting Christian hip hop which is something I never even knew existed before he found it. It wasn’t long before he was coming up with his own lyrics plus practicing his own rhyming. He asked around that time if he could have a window AC unit because sometimes he felt a little too boiling in his room. He knew that I didn’t want him messing with the control unit for the central cooling idea either. I’m cheerful that he asked for a window AC unit because I thought it was a satisfactory request plus it was a relaxing reward for him getting such relaxing grades in university. It also helped him a lot with his songs. He said when the AC settings were just right, he could spit his rhymes easier plus it made recording more enjoyable as well. He said it also somehow gave him better creativity when putting together current instrumentals. We’ve been nothing but impressed with him over the years. We’ve watched most of his performances plus now he is making a lot of money with his own independent record label. Now he works with artists to get them in the spotlight, plus he makes a pretty relaxing living. He has a nice beach current home with excellent zoned Heating plus A/C unit along with his own indoor studio.

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