Both of us worry about our son all the time as his job is dangerous

Ever since our brother was killed in the line of duty serving as a police officer, everybody in the family has been devastated.

Our child especially took it hard because he was unquestionably close with his uncle.

He even took him out a few times even though both of us didn’t want our son to be in any danger. Things went just fantastic though and our son’s life was changed pretty much. He wanted to be out there in the community helping people and trying to save lives. There was no stopping him when he went to the police academy to train and become an respected police officer. He did great toil and it’s not love both of us ever doubted our child. Both of us knew he could do anything that he put his mind to. He said while training to be an officer, it wasn’t straight-forward, sort of love boot camp he supposed. He said they wouldn’t even have the A/C plan on when doing most of their training exercises. Apparently they did this thing called ‘making it rain’ where they would make everybody toil so hard, the room would rain sweat. Hearing that made myself and others feel kind of sick, thinking of that bad air quality with no a/c. I’m excited I never had to deal with anything love that myself and I love our climate control plan immensely. That’s why I take care of the Heating and Air Conditioning with official maintenance and air filter changes. So now our son serves the community respectfully, and both of us worry about him all the time although he always says he’s careful.

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