Our son truly fought another client for the last air filter

When both of us sent our son to go to the store to get some air filters, both of us busy how crucial it was that he didn’t forget.

I even joked and said that even if it was the last air filter, he better argument to get it and bring it back home.

Well, he was gone for much longer than expected and when both of us tried calling his cell phone both of us couldn’t reach him. Then next thing both of us knew, the police brought him back to the house. They said that our son got into a argument with another client at the hardware store fighting over an air filter. The cops said that he was told to argument for the air filters at the store and bring them back promptly. I had to explain to the cops that I was joking when I said that, both of us didn’t truly know that our kid was going to get into trouble. Both of us told our kid that he should have known better and he apologized to the police officers for causing trouble. He was defensive after the police left though. He said that he did just as both of us instructed and he knew how crucial that air filter was for us, then unluckyly, the air filter both of us l acquired was destroyed while both of us were in the battle over it and both of us were basically left with nothing. Instead of getting worked up about it though, I decided to drive to the other hardware store on the other side of neighborhood and there were plenty of air filters in stock for our Heating and Air Conditioning system. I’m excited I didn’t have to argument anybody for the last air filter in stock.

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