A better air conditioner cools the air more efficiently

I measured the air coming from the vents of our dad’s heating and air conditioning plan and it looks as if the indoor air is quite cool.

To be exact, it is about twenty degrees less than the room temperature right now so it looks similar to everything working well.

This week is a tepid day and I wanted to make sure his A/C component was cooling the house down respectfully and it seems to be doing the work. My stepmom said that their power bill is about $150 a week, which is undoubtedly low considering they live in a 4500 square foot house. I spend money about the same each week where I live overseas yet our flat is only about 1000 square feet. I guess they raised the electric bill rate over there a lot and when I run the air conditioner I can see a jump in the cost while in the summer season of about $50. I don’t mind paying an extra $50 a week though to stay nice and cool all day and evening in our arena. It’s a small price to spend money for comfort in the summer season and I appreciate our central heat in the Winter because every one of us have some entirely freezing evenings. I will be over there for part of the Winter season but will be coming back here to the Sunshine State in November to escape the entirely freezing weeks. I may even need to run the a/c when I come back here because it can be boiling here until the middle or end of November occasionally. I also still appreciate coming house though.



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