Good Morning from the Sunshine State, West Coast Edition

We’re looking at sunny skies and 85F already, and it is only 8am.

  • I bet we hit close to 100F in the afternoon today with the heat index taken into account.

Today is a good day to check my HVAC system to make sure everything is okay with it. I have a digital thermometer to measure the air coming from the vents to see if it is within the range it should be. I think the temperature from the air conditioning’s vents should be about twenty degrees lower than the ambient temperature in the room but don’t quote me on that. If the air isn’t that cold then most likely the system is dirty and maybe the filter needs cleaning too. I know that the condenser grill on the air handler gets a lot of dust and grime on it, which makes the HVAC cooling system lose its cooling capabilities. This, in turn, causes the system to run a lot longer to cool down the house, costing you more money in power bills. And on hot days like this the house never seems to get cold enough for me, so I am going to nip it in the bud and make sure the system is clean and working at maximum efficiency. I have some free time today because it is way too hot out to do anything and I am on vacation for two more weeks here with not a lot to do. I’m at my dad’s house and he has two large commercial air conditioners to keep the house cool.

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