Had to teach my son to focus on appropriate homeowner solutions

I definitely was proud of my son when he first became a homeowner, but he wasn’t too willing to go for appropriate homeowner solutions at first.

For some reason, he seemed to think that his HVAC equipment was going to last forever without him having to keep up with maintenance or anything.

He had a lot to learn from the beginning, but fortunately, I was there to help him. I started off with giving him simple energy saving tips like upgrading to a smart thermostat and cooking outdoors more often in the summer season. He appreciated those energy saving tips, especially when I told him to upgrade his lights to LED. Okay, he did give me an issue with the lighting at first, but when I explained how much money he would save on his energy bills, he wanted to learn more energy saving tips. One important tip I had to push on him was keeping up with regular HVAC system maintenance and care. He didn’t want to get into all of it because he thought everything was so overpriced. He didn’t even want to invest in quality air filters because those were expensive as well. When he eventually learned that you save the most by keeping the HVAC running smooth, he enrolled into an HVAC service plan which saved him money and kept him worry-free. Now, I have to talk to him about saving up enough money to get a new roof on his house. I already know he’s going to fight me tooth and nail on that, but I’ll have to talk to him about how he doesn’t want his roof to start leaking and destroying his costly investment; his home.

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