Hard to imagine summer without HVAC but that’s how it once was

Whenever I have people visit during the summer, there is always one unanimous declaration.

That would be that this sort of summer heat is just brutal. I can’t exactly argue that point really. But when you’ve been in this region for as long as I have, I guess you just get more acclimated to the heat. Still, I wouldn’t want to go through a summer without the benefit of residential HVAC. This is just a most important tool to manage the summer heat and humidity. As much as I’ve gotten accustomed to the summers being just smoking hot and thick, I’m sure thankful to have great HVAC cooling in my house. Without that air conditioning, I’m not so sure that I could even live here all summer. That makes me think about the generations before me who actually did live without the benefits of HVAC cooling. I’m in my 50’s and I’ve had quality heating and air in every structure I lived in. That’s with the exception of college. I went to school further north and there was no air conditioning in the dorm. But man did we ever get a ton of radiant heating. But my dad, he grew up here and the home he spent his childhood in didn’t have any sort of residential HVAC. Residential HVAC wasn’t really available until well into the 50’s. My dad remembers how early they had to get up to get stuff done on the farm before the heat set in. I can’t imagine that sort of life. The only bit of cooling they got was from shade, a breeze and maybe a hand fan.

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