I didn’t expect I would have to replace the cooling system so soon

I actually didn’t think I would have to replace the AC system so soon when I bought a home a few years ago.

The thing is, the AC system I didn’t realize was using the old refrigerant which was phased out completely by the government.

So when we had a refrigerant leak more recently, I thought it was going to be a simple fix, but it turned out that we had to replace our whole cooling system. The HVAC professional had to tell me a few times how the cooling system we were using required the old type of refrigerant and wasn’t compatible with the newer refrigerant. I had to ask if they had good payment plan options, which they had numerous options to choose from. So at least there was that. We actually had a highly energy efficient cooling system installed with a nice SEER rating. While the cooling system was costly to have installed, it was well worth it. The energy bills since having the system installed have lowered significantly, way lower than I expected to be honest. So we have been using this excellent cooling system and of course we have been getting our regular HVAC system maintenance. The thing that is bothering me now is the fact that we will have to replace the heating system soon, and we are still on a payment plan paying for the cooling system. The finances are going to be very tight, and I’m not feeling so good about that, especially with inflation and gas prices going out of control.


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