I remember when some kids tried to steal air filters from our hardware store

When I first started off in college, I rented a small apartment where I had to use a window AC unit.

I actually bought the cooling unit from the local hardware store where I was working.

I got an employee discount and I bought the cooling unit while it was on sale too, so I saved a lot of money on that cooling machine. It came with a nifty remote control and everything. Well, I also remember a time when some shady looking kids came into the store. I was watching them carefully thinking for some reason that they were going to try to steal something. Sure enough, they went to the air filter section and tried to shove a couple of air filters under their shirts. Imagine me watching these kids with these bulky shirts loaded with air filters and them trying to get away. I ended up calling security and I helped go after the kids. They ended up ditching the air filters, but those things were already damaged. We had to file a police report and I ended up providing a description of the culprits. They said they had reports of other businesses in the area who also had items stolen and they suspected these might be the same kids causing all this trouble. I remember wondering if they tried to steal the air filters because they couldn’t afford to purchase new ones. It must be tough not being able to afford anything, but you have to live honestly and get a job to get by in life.

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