It was a big deal when I first got my license

It was a pretty huge deal for me when I first got my license.

I had been saving money for a long time in anticipation of buying a car.

Of course I wasn’t going to buy some fancy modern car, I could only afford a very old and run down used car. Fortunately, my uncle was there to help me find a good car that would last me a long time. I worked on cars together with him for a long time before I eventually got my own. He even showed me how to change out important parts like the AC compressor when you want your AC system to work. He showed me how to add refrigerant to the AC compressor as well and he said it was something that had to be done commonly if you wanted your AC system to keep on working. Well, I had to add refrigerant to the AC compressor in my first car because of course the AC system wasn’t working. It was working after that though which I was happy about because it meant I didn’t have to buy a new AC compressor. My buddies even complimented me on my car whenever I would come to pick them up and go hang out at places. Everybody mostly appreciated the fact that my AC system worked so well. Gas was cheap back then too so I wasn’t stressing about my AC system using up gas or anything like we have to stress about these days. I really miss the old days and sometimes wish I had a time machine.

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