It went from hot to cold in just one day

Something I really hate is unpredictable weather patterns and temperature drops.

However, when you live in the south it is actually quite common for things like this to happen. It drives me crazy, because that means I have to continually fret over the heating and air conditioning unit. Why? I worry about the heating and A/C unit because if it suddenly decides to be really cold one day, I will usually still have the central air conditioner on inside my home, which means not only will my house be ice cold, but it is a major waste for the air conditioning component as well. This has bothered me for awhile, because to put it simply, I have this happen quite often. However, not all hope was lost, because there were a few things I could do. See, the main issue is that I am away from my home for a good part of the day. So I could leave in the morning and it could be cold, which means I would leave the central heating system on. But by afternoon, it could be scorching hot, and then my home would be horribly overheated. Not anymore, with a smart thermostat, I can control the HVAC unit from my phone. So if I am at work and I see the temperatures drastically increase or decrease, then all I gotta do is grab my phone and use the app to control the HVAC machine and change it to whatever temperature I feel like. This is the perfect solution and the thermostats aren’t even very expensive.


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