My Apple and Kefir Breakfast is Calling my Name

I can feel my stomach talking to me telling me it is time to put some energy in the system.

It is interesting how the body has these signals for you to take care of it.

The stomach gives you a weird feeling when the body is low on energy and gently reminds you to fill it again. I guess if you go longer than that then the body will give you more harsh alerts like a headache or very low energy but I never wait that long to find out. My HVAC system can give me the same alerts when it is time to clean it such as the overflow pan in the air handler. My smart system has an alert on it when the pan is getting full as opposed to before when it would just overflow and leak onto my ceiling underneath it. That was always a problem with my air conditioning because it was located in the attic and when the pan overflowed it would cause a lot of damage to the ceiling. Now the smart HVAC system has taken care of that by alerting us when the tube is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Sometimes the water gets mildew in it and causes the drain tube to clog which then causes the water to back up in the pan. I’m happy that the HVAC business has figured out how to alert us instead of causing more problems when it flows over the edges of the pan which holds the water. Those HVAC engineers are the best.



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