No gambling on the heat pump this year

Last summer was a long, hot and anxious one for me.

  • That had everything to do with betting on a dying heat pump to get us through the summer.

When we bought this house, we upgraded the residential HVAC. This was something that just had to be done as the old HVAC wasn’t going to cut it. In fact, we were able to get some really great HVAC equipment because we were willing to take on the HVAC replacement because the seller didn’t want to. That negotiating point saved us thousands on the final price of the house. We poured a lot of the money into the new residential HVAC. It was the best that we could find and it lasted just shy of 24 years. I can attribute that run of 24 years to good residential HVAC and consistent HVAC maintenance. We never had a big heating and cooling problem until that thing died. But somehow, we got caught with our pants down when it came to replacing that heat pump. It’s almost like I just thought that heat pump would run forever or something. So when we got the air conditioning tune-up last spring, the HVAC technician warned us to get a new HVAC unit sooner rather than later. As I said, we hadn’t put away a dime for the new HVAC equipment and wanted to buy time. That’s when we rolled the dice and bet on that old HVAC unit to get us through last summer. It did, but just barely. We eased up on the air conditioning load significantly and we just made it to mid September before the old heat pump gave out.



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