Our son always knew what he was doing as a musician

Before our son became successful as a musician, he always spoke of going to record at an official studio.

I didn’t see why he couldn’t just work on his computer and come up with professional recordings, but he spoke of how important professional recording equipment was to the quality of the audio tracks he would make.

So I took him to one of the studios he wanted to go to and I was shocked at the high prices to use the studio each hour. I’m talking about $200 per hour and my son said that was on the cheap side considering the quality of the recording equipment and having no sound interference. You could even adjust the temperature control settings while in the recording booth so that you could really get into the music with the greatest of comfort. I had to admit, the studio was really nice and I was impressed with the air quality and temperature control settings as soon as we stepped into the place. My son did a great job with his recording sessions and was able to put some amazing tracks together. There were times when he was working his magic with the music where I practically forget this was my own child who was doing this. He’s so talented and these days, he’s basically a local celebrity. Of course now, he has his own professional studio in his house with the finest HVAC system around along with a powerful UV air purification system. Now he charges people to record music for 500 per hour, but the studio is so nice and he attracts some of the most talented musicians.


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