The summer isn’t so bad with a good air conditioner

I remember when I was eight years old plus we then moved to the west coast of the Sunshine State. I would go to school in May or June, when the temps in the day would reach 90F or more, plus we had no air conditioning or fans in class. The kid beside me would kill gnats all day in class to see how numerous she got at the end of the day. I suppose her record number of kills was around 25 as she would keep them on a napkin to show me. It wasn’t until middle school that we actually had mini split cooling systems in our portable classrooms plus I was so much happier in class because of that. There is also nothing worse than moving from the north, where the classrooms were typically nice plus cool, to the south where it would be hard to stay awake because of the heat. It undoubtedly makes me like having a good quality heating, ventilation plus A/C idea in the condo to keep me cool while I was in the summer, plus not a gnat to be seen because we have all of the windows closed in the house. I also suppose I will call an actual heating, ventilation plus A/C supplier to come out soon to service the component just to make sure it is clean plus running well. I am going to do some light toil around the condo this week, maybe fixing some toilet problems plus possibly some light painting plus caulking inside. I also need to simply seal the pavers at the entrance of the condo, however I want to stay in the cool A/C until the heat calms down.


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