This show is making me crank the AC system like crazy

I don’t usually get into romantic comedy shows or anything, but I got into one recently. It honestly seemed kind of corny in the beginning, but then you get to know the characters and there’s an interesting story line. In this particular romance comedy, the main guy in the story sees visions of his future. I would have to imagine that having such a gift or a curse depending on your perspective, would be quite agonizing. In this case, the man keeps seeing his death and how he can only think about his loved one, this lady that he didn’t know for very long. Yet there’s a crazy series of circumstances that causes them to fall madly for each other, yet there’s a huge secret the man was keeping from the lady. When she finds out, she goes into a rage and realizes in a crazy way, this man was her enemy all along. The thing is, the secret is more of an embarrassing misunderstanding that caused her a great deal of pain and misery. Regardless of things, they both eventually miss each other so much that they decide to put the past behind them. Now they have been having good times, and then bad times and it keeps going back and forth. Things are cool and then hot, and then cool, and while this drama has been somewhat stressful to watch, I have found myself adjusting the climate control settings in my room constantly while watching it. When these people aren’t getting along, it makes me want to crank the AC system for some reason, maybe because I feel uncomfortable. I think after watching this tortuous show where I am not certain if the guy is really going to die or not, I think I’ll look into a regular comedy. Hopefully my AC system doesn’t break down in the meantime from too much usage.

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