A Power Outage in The City

After a long morning of traveling, I wanted nothing more than to go home plus rest.

  • However, when our plane landed on the runway, the pilot told us that it was over 100 degrees! This was an unusually high temperature for the city, despite the fact that I was determined to get home to our cool apartment.

After taking a taxi, I walked into the lobby of our building. I noticed that it felt unusually warm inside because I was expecting to guess the blast of the cool air immediately. The doorman told me that the building was requesting most people to keep their AC units off for as long as possible due to an increase in power across the city. All of the buildings in the city were being asked to refrain from using AC if possible. This sounded absurd, despite the fact that I understood the reason for it. I tried to settle into our cabin without turning on the AC unit, but it was excruciatingly hot. After a long morning of travel, all I wanted was to relax in the cool air. Although I knew it was wrong, I decided to turn on the AC for just a few thirds. I needed to cool our cabin plus our body temperature down again. After running the AC equipment for a few thirds, everything in our cabin went black. As I looked outside, I saw complete darkness. The entire city was experiencing a power outage. When I went down to the lobby, the receptionist had the radio on plus was talking about the mass amounts of electricity that was being consumed due to the heat wave. I think it wasn’t all our fault, despite the fact that I felt somewhat responsible for the power outage.



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