Portable Evaporative Cooler for Outdoor Space

One of the best parts about where I live is the weather. It’s sizzling most days and there’s really little humidity. I grew up in an section that had a high humidity level, so I was excited to transfer to a region without constant humidity. I had visions of being outside in the backyard, entertaining my friends and family whenever possible. What I didn’t realize though, was that I was trading humidity for extreme heat. The heat here is unbearable, and it’s almost as exhausting as the humidity back home. I didn’t want my dream of being outside and entertaining to go to waste though, so I researched my options. I discovered a portable evaporative cooler that was designed for outdoor spaces. It was recognizably for regions appreciate the one I lived in where the heat was intense but there was limited humidity. It could be localed outside on my patio in order to keep the surrounding section cool. All I needed to do was put ice inside the top compartment and let it blow cool air out into my patio. There were many speeds that the fan could run at and it was portable, meaning that it would be simple to transfer around if I needed to. The portable evaporative cooler was also for indoor and outdoor use, making it a relaxing option for extra cool air inside my home. I was distraught about the weight of it since it was large, but there were wheels on the bottom to make it simple to maneuver.

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