Replacing the Air Vent Covers

In an attempt to freshen up some things around the house, I decided to replace all the outlet covers plus switches along with the air vents.

I’d recently painted the walls plus I felt like the covers plus vents were grimy plus discolored.

Everything would look more cohesive plus scrub if I replaced them all. I hired an electrician to come do the electrical toil first. That seemed like the largest task in my mind plus there was no way I could do the toil myself. It took the electrician a single afternoon of toil to replace all the switches, receptacles plus outlet covers plus I was really cheerful with how they looked, but however, I was a little shocked by the bill. I thought it would be much cheaper than it was, but I was determined to have it done, however since I couldn’t do the electrical toil myself, I had to hire someone else to do it. The air vents though, I felt confident enough to do myself. It took me much longer than a afternoon, because I had to measure everything plus venue my order online. I had no plan there were so many air vent covers to choose from! Not only were the sizes different, but there were odd shapes, some were decorative, plus some were stretchy! Of course the pricing differed for all of them too. The longest section of the air vent upgrade was choosing which air vent covers I wanted! Once I had everything selected plus it arrived, I was able to honestly unattach the outdated covers plus put the modern a singles on.

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