Air conditioning can absolutely disfigure natural hair plus curls

Any girl can tell you that the temperature or weather in general can wreak havoc on her hair.

Being naturally curly-headed I have learned how to cope with such issues throughout the years, particularly when I decide to get a haircut.

I know I’ve begun to get a great grasp on my hair needs, but it is still a struggle. One thing that perturbs me is the numerous ways that air conditioner or heating can impact my hair curl pattern. I live down South, so using our a/c is a necessity in our house. If I cut my hair at the start of the new year, our heating system is being used far more than the air conditioner. Because the air vent in our bedroom is directly facing the bed, the furnace blasts me and my hair throughout the entire night. I realized that the heat was causing my hair to get uncomfortably dry, so I ended up shifting the direction that the air vent faced. This is ultimately easier said than done, so the heat only shifted a bit. I also noticed that when the temperature control was set to a temperature that was too high, my hair would get excessively frizzy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when the temperature control was set too low, it had an undesirable effect on my hair as well. It’s been challenging, but I’m studying a lot about hair, and I guess I’ll just have to accept my curls as a way of life.


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