Bars always have wonderful air conditioner

My friends and I go out every weekend. We need the chance to unwind because we all have pretty stressful occupations. So it’s great for us to go out and destress from the week. The five of us love Friday nights at one bar in particular. It has amazing specials plus a genuinely lively karaoke night on Fridays, so we love to go to dance and sing. It’s also a wonderful bar to stay for a while because the air conditioner is perfectly calibrated for a comfortable night of drinking. Having a cold a/c in a bar is the most comfortable because drinking naturally causes the temperature of the body to increase. Some bars have faulty air conditioners, or no air conditioner at all, which makes it almost impossible to appreciate the night. When you don’t have cool air wafting over you when you’re getting saucy, you might as well have a furnace blazing in front of you. One sign of a terrible air conditioner is seeing a big crowd of people standing outside of the bar just to catch some fresh air, when they should be inside having a good time. Our favorite bar has amazing zone-based climate control, so you can relax anywhere and get cool air on you. Even though they keep it cool, the A/C isn’t overly cold. That way your fingers don’t freeze as you hold a cold mug of beer. I wonder what they keep the temperature control at, I think it would be cozy for my own house. I hope that our Friday night tradition continues for a good long while, because it honestly helps me cope with life.



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