Bars consistently have good air conditioning

My friends and I go out every weekend.

Not one of us has an easy, simple job, so it’s important for us to go out and have a good time to unwind from the week.

The four of us like to hit the strip on Saturday nights. One bar in particular has excellent prices on Saturday night and a really nice karaoke scene, so me and my friends love it. It’s also a good bar to stay for a while because the air conditioning is perfectly set for a night of drinking. Having a chilly air conditioning device in a bar is important because drinking naturally causes the temperature of the body to increase. Some bars have no air conditioning at all, and I can’t imagine having a good time in such a place. When you don’t have cool air pumping on you when you’re getting tipsy, you might as well have a gas furnace pointing directly at you. Sometimes I will see people go outside and try and catch some cool, fresh air instead of staying in such bars. It’s lucky that our favorite bar has zone controlHVAC, so it’s comfortable no matter where we decide to sit. Even though they keep it cool, the A/C isn’t so cold that your fingers freeze as you hold a chilly glass of beer. I wish my wife would let me set a similar temperature when it’s time to go to bed at our house. I hope that our Saturday night tradition continues for a long time because it truly helps me cope with life.