Cannabis users do not like air conditioner

I’ve been working at a medical cannabis dispensary for a few years, and I have much evidence of its amazing benefits.

  • All sorts of people with several conditions get help from our cannabis products.

It’s cool to hear about the unusual effects of this natural plant as well. Although lots of people have weird experiences, a very common experience that I hear is how cannabis users do not like air conditioners after they’ve used their medicine. A lot of people say that when they’ve consumed medicine, they instantly turn off the air conditioner or turn the temperature control higher because They almost immediately feel cold after cannabis use. I’d love to know how using cannabis causes people to feel this way, as it is peculiar. Air conditioning companies may not want to target those who have medical cannabis cards as their market consumers, because they may use the air conditioner far less frequently. However, I’d imagine they will get a lot more business out of them in the winter, since they get absolutely cold after taking their medicine. A smart thermostat would definitely come in handy for these people, so that they don’t have to get up from the comfort of their couches to change the temperature. Having a smart temperature control would relieve all of the pressure! All in all, I know that this line of work has been absolutely fulfilling. I have been able to help provide people with a great product that helps them feel better and relieves many different kinds of ailments.
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