Having a functional gas furnace is important if you have allergies

I have the world’s worst allergies.

Sometimes I get hit with allergy attacks that are so bad I have to call out of work.

I have become adept at fighting my allergy symptoms with all sorts of home remedies, but ultimately I have to wait for my body to recover. Something that I found especially helpful is to offer my body heat by prostrating myself directly in front of a gas furnace or using a heated water technique. I believe it’s beneficial for our bodies to sweat things out when they aren’t feeling well, so at times, I sit in front of our portable gas furnace for relief. If it isn’t too hot outside and my allergies are being particularly annoying, I will really turn up the temperature control so that the whole house becomes deliciously warm. I can’t say that my energy bill benefits from this practice, but I am thankful that I have an energy-saving heater. Another way one could help his or her allergies is to set up a portable gas furnace and sit in front of it for a bit. I’d only propose doing this for a couple of hours at a time because those oil furnaces get incredibly hot and having that direct heat on your face for too long can be unkind to your skin. The last method of relieving an allergy attack is to use the gas furnace from a steam inhaler, which is kind of like a water gas furnace that opens up the sinus passages. I like finding weird, but effective ways to take care of my body.


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