Having a functional gas furnace is pressing if you have allergies

I have the world’s worst allergies.

All too often, I get hit with allergy attacks that are so bad I have to cancel all my plans for the day. I’ve become an encyclopedia for weird allergy remedies that have worked to help me overcome bad symptoms, but even then I just have to wait until my body finally gets over it all. Something that I found especially helpful is Sitting in front of any kind of heat source to soothe my symptoms. I’ve always said it’s good to sweat things out when you aren’t feeling well, so occasionally I relax in front of our portable gas furnace to get through it. Sometimes, I will turn up the heat with reckless abandon in hopes of relief from my allergy symptoms, although my energy bill costs soar as a result of this technique. Luckily, I have an energy-saving heater. Yes, it’s definitely true that sitting next to a heat source can relieve allergy symptoms. However, I would only recommend doing this for short spans of time, because furnaces get incredibly hot and having that direct heat on your face for too long might even cause minor burns. The last way that I provide heat to my body when going through an allergy attack is to use the gas furnace from a steam inhaler, which is sort of like a water gas furnace that opens up the sinus passages. I need all of these methods and more to treat my allergy symptoms.

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