Having a stable air conditioning device is important in a commercial family room

My best friend is a chef who has rented a building to help prepare food for catering.

I also cook a lot, and have been thinking about opening a food truck.

He gave me a tour of his kitchen to show it off. I have to say that one thing he doesn’t appreciate about the owner of the building is their use of the air conditioning. The proprietor makes him turn off the air conditioning device when he leaves for the day, which my friend resents. He feels there is a chance that certain food items will spoil without the air conditioning running constantly. Luckily, he has a good refrigerator as well as a freezer, so nothing has spoiled yet, but it would still be helpful for the appliances that the air conditioning device stays on. The other thing that is annoying about the A/C being off is that when he arrives the next day, he has to deal with the kitchen being uncomfortably warm. It takes a while for the air conditioner to fully cool the entire room once more, so he finds himself sweating in the first hour of his shift. I can imagine this being especially challenging during the summer months, so I told him that he should speak to his proprietor about this air conditioner rule. It doesn’t make sense to turn off a commercial air conditioning device every single day. While I can understand cutting costs, I feel that he is being cheap.

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