How a broken a/c helped heal our relationship

Though my boyfriend and I love each other very much, we recently weathered a rough patch in our relationship.

It had to do with a pet that we both loved very much that had been run over by a car. We have been so sad ever since and needed something to distract us, so both of us decided to take a road trip. We were already filled with frustrations and pain when I started driving, but things got worse when we slowly realized that the air conditioner had stopped working entirely. Normally, I would have said let’s keep going despite the a/c, but it was in the middle of a summer time heat wave. After we began to sweat in the oppressive heat, we finally relented and went to see a repairman to get it fixed. The entire drive over to the mechanic shop, we were bickering about the air conditioner and silly little things. When we reached the mechanic, he gave us a quote and told us that he would have a good as new a/c in about two hours. At first, we sat there and waited, but then we got hungry, so we stopped at a diner to eat. The cool air conditioner was so soothing and comfortable that it helped us relax and open up about our feelings. It was so freeing, and we bonded so well. The rest of the trip was entirely amazing for the both of us, and I count it a blessing that we had to make that pit stop.


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