It is not too bad

There is this local sports bar where I live that people go to.

  • I had been hearing good and bad things about it.

The bad things were that the air conditioning was bad. This did not stop me from going there to check it out though because you never know. And I was glad I did, because not only was this sports bar a great place to take in the ballgames and hang out with great people, but the air conditioning was not bad at all! I am not sure if maybe they fixed their central heating and air conditioning since people were saying the bad stuff or if in fact people did not know what they were talking about. I actually felt great indoor comfort from the central air conditioning while it was really hot outside. Also I have to say the air quality was pretty good too because they do not allow smoking in there. If you smoke you have to go outside to do so, which people were doing. I have never in my life experienced such a great sports bar with great people like this. I am glad I did not listen to the reviews about the central air conditioning and decided to try it out. Obviously, others had the same thoughts I did otherwise it would not have been as packed as it was with so many people having a great time and enjoying themselves. The central air conditioning is not bad at all. I will review that online and anywhere I can to let people know it is ok to come in!

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