Keeping up with the HVAC chores around the house

If I learned anything from the pandemic it was to just slow down. I’d been living my life, prior to the pandemic, in a way that just wasn’t sustainable. There was no way that I could get everything done that I thought I needed to do. For one, I spent at least 50 and sometimes 60 hours a week inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. That’s a lot of time working. And my job is not exactly a cakewalk either. So when I got out of that zone controlled HVAC, I was already spent. But then, it was on to the other things that I had agreed to do. I was stretched really thin by the time that we were sent home to work in our own air conditioning when the pandemic hit. I wasn’t thrilled to not be working inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. But I adjusted to the online meetings and found myself the privacy to get my work done. Yet, I also noticed that so many time sucks sort of fell away because we were stuck inside the air conditioning of home. And I started paying more attention to the real priorities of home and family. Part of that was getting consistent when it came to caring for the heating and cooling equipment. I haven’t been all that consistent when it comes to my HVAC responsibilities. But that changed as I was now on top of taking care of things like the air filter changes. I even signed us up for the HVAC service plan so I don’t have to remember to call for HVAC maintenance any longer.



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