Life in the old days

I can remember growing up how different things were compared to today.

For instance, the thing I was thinking about recently was how heating and air conditioning has changed so much over the last decades.

Back when I was growing up the way we would heat and cool our homes were much different than what we have today. For heating we would usually have some kinda furnace or boiler. There were many kinds. From gas furnaces, electric furnaces to hot water boilers and industrial boilers, it was a totally different time. For air conditioning the standard in everyone’s homes unless you were wealthy were window air conditioning units. Having central air conditioning in those days in a home was rare because it was new and very expensive. Most of the time you would only see and experience central air conditioning in big multi million dollar office buildings, stores and at malls. At home it was window air conditioning systems for everyone of the average class. And some couldn’t even afford window air conditioning systems as pricey as they could sometimes get back when. Today it is way different as we all know. Window air conditioning systems are a thing of the past and central air conditioning along with central heating is what everyone has. Most have all in one central heating and air conditioning systems while some still like the old furnaces and boilers but have their air conditioning as a stand alone air conditioning unit. I really wonder what it will be like in another 20 years or so with all of this?



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