Replacing a central a/c with a multi split a/c

My parents have been living in their beloved house for more than twenty years.

  • They’ve made a number of renovations over the past decade, so that I hardly know the home that I grew up in.

I miss the nostalgic feeling I would get returning home and seeing things as they were in my childhood, but now everything is transformed so it doesn’t look the same. I still question whether there was any real need for their most recent renovation, which was to update their central air conditioner plan with a multi split a/c. I have gathered that a multi split a/c involves numerous small units that are spread throughout the home, which provide cool air in the same way that a window A/C unit might. I can’t for the life of me understand why a regular HVAC unit, which has air vents spread throughout the home that sends out air that comes from a central a/c, is not a superior design. The home has had a central a/c for the entire time it has been standing, so I was shocked that they decided to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a pointless project. Their rationale was that they don’t go upstairs often because nearly all of the rooms that they use on a regular basis are downstairs, so having a central a/c pump air up there was redundant. I am of the opinion that switching to a multi split a/c likely decreased the value of the home, so I’m certain that was not a sound long-term decision. I wish they had consulted me or another family member before making such a big decision but it is their house, after all.