Rolling the dice on the heat pump this summer

It’s only July and I feel as though I’ve been on pins and needles for a year already.

Of course, there is nobody to blame but me when it comes to this anxiety.

It’s not like I just forgot how long we’ve owned this house. This has been where we’ve lived for more than two decades. So that meant that the residential HVAC was also more than 20 years old. Yet, I never even thought about starting a savings account in order to be ready for a residential HVAC upgrade. It was inevitable but I think I was just lulled into believing that the heating and cooling equipment would last forever. We’ve always gotten consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance since the very beginning. It’s heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune-up in the spring. This resulted in having zero heating and cooling issues for more than twenty years. So when the HVAC technician told me that the heat pump might not make it through the summer, I was caught off guard. I hadn’t saved a dime and the heat pump’s demise just wasn’t no my radar at all. Since we hadn’t saved the money, we are trying to limp this heat pump through one more summer. That means great reducing the load on the heat pump with far less thermostat demand. Plus, we’re pulling all the shades and I sealed up the house tight in order to add to the HVAC equipment efficiency. But every time the air conditioning kicks on, I notice and wonder if this will be the last time.