Still thrilled with the winter HVAC heating bills

I know it’s full on summer and the central air conditioning has kicked on during the heat of the day and into each evening.

Still, I can’t quite get over how awesome it was this past winter to enjoy a warm, cozy house without huge HVAC heating bills.

I’m still thinking about it and I’m still sort of proud that my efforts paid off. Since we bought this house, I had intentions that were good when it came to winter prep. But my good intentions sort of got sidetracked by my laziness. Fall weekends had been pretty sacred for me most of my life. I’ve always been such a big football fan that I seemed to get even more obsessed with every new year. So the more football I watched from the HVAC comfort of my living room, the less time there was for winter prep. And of course, I spent the rest of the winter complaining about the high price of HVAC heating. That behavior finally came to an end this past fall. This was the first fall that I completely committed to doing the necessary winter prep to save on heating costs. And it was way easier than I had thought it might be. All I had to do was follow the guidelines from the HVAC company website. I was able to seal up the house in no time and still catch the late afternoon football games. The heating costs were reduced so dramatically that I’m still talking about as the central air conditioning is now the topic of HVAC conversations.


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