Trying New Air Filters

I’ve always been adamant about replacing my air filter every two or three months.

I like knowing that my air is as clean as possible and that I’m taking care of my HVAC system as best as possible.

Most people don’t know this, but air filters aren’t just for improved air quality. In fact, air filters help protect the HVAC equipment too. Without the air filter, dust and debri would build up faster within the ductwork, causing holes, damage, and less efficiency. Typically, I buy my air filters at the local hardware store. Recently though, due to supply chain issues, HVAC filters have been harder to find. My usual air filter brand hasn’t been in stock for several months and the employees don’t seem to know when they’re going to receive more. They just can’t seem to get any shipped in and the price of everything is increasing. Knowing this information, I had to find a different air filter brand to choose from. My first reaction was to choose an air filter that was the right size and actually in stock. However, as I browsed the air filter section at the hardware store for the first time in years, I discovered a plethora of new options to choose from. Not only were there different air filter brands, but some were HEPA certified, some were reusable, and some were long lasting. When I was leaving the hardware store with my new selection of air filters, I was actually excited to try out something new.

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