air conditioner prices at an all time low

I have absolutely been taking fortune of all of the heating & air conditioning products at a local Heating and A/C business. I don’t guess what it is, however most of their items are reduced in price. So many, it undoubtedly made me wonder if they were going out of company or something, however they didn’t mention anything like that on their website, so I figured they were just having a sizable sale. When I looked a little closer, I noticed a lot of the items appeared to be older models of air conditioning & gas furnaces. It made more sense now, they were selling these older models of Heating and A/C at a reduced price to get rid of them & make room for the newer models. This was a perfect time to get a new cooling system. I technically still have a couple of years left on our new Heating and A/C however I guess that if I get a single now, I will save myself the time, money & trouble. I decided on an older model of central air conditioning that I liked, & I bought that a single. The central Heating and A/C was delivered to me not long after, & I couldn’t wait to have a Heating and A/C professional install it for me. Unfortunately, if I had an air conditioner company install it for me, it was going to be a long wait, because most of the air conditioning companies are tied up thanks to the tepid Summer weather. I was too impatient for that, so instead I had an independent Heating and A/C contractor install it for me.
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