Air conditioner cover has saved me a lot

I would highly command if you have a lot of leaves & debris getting into your heating & cooling system, then you should get a Heating and A/C cover.

For a long time, I didn’t have an air conditioner cover, & because of that, I would have all kinds of things get stuck in their air conditioning unit.

For the most part, a lot of it was harmless, however as it built up over time, it began to cause some concerns. Or if a particularally sizable limb somehow managed to get stuck in the air conditioner machine, then it would cause the cooling system to make a horrible noise. I usually would have to pay for a heating & air conditioning specialist to come out & clean the entire system out, & it just becomes a sizable hassle. So then I started looking into Heating and A/C covers & I am so excited that I did. If you look online, there are multiple different types & sizes available! You have to find the right size for your cooling system, however there is a single legitimately substantial thing to consider. That is making sure the heating & cooling cover is breathable. If you get an air conditioner cover that is not breathable, it can undoubtedly suffocate your cooling system! I made sure the air conditioner cover that I bought was made from mesh & had plenty of ventilation. Ever since then, all I have to do now is blow off all of the leaves that pile on top, & the inside of the air conditioner remains clean.

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