I was inspired to become a Heating and A/C serviceman

From a young age, I was always obsessed with rock n roll.

  • But not just any rock n roll, it was always rock n roll from a single single band; While I absolutely enjoyed other rock n roll, it didn’t link with me on the same level as rock n roll from that band did.

Have you ever found a band or a singer that has so multiple wonderful rock n roll, it seems like every song that they produce is a song you like? That is what I had with this band. In particular, I legitimately liked the lead singer. I undoubtedly found out the guy started out as a heating & air conditioning serviceman, before becoming a rock star. This undoubtedly inspired me to become a Heating and A/C specialist. Because even though I am not interested in fame & fortune, I think having something in respected with our favorite artist is legitimately cool. So when I graduated high university, I went to Heating and A/C university. It was a legitimately straight-forward program & I was able to become a certified heating & air conditioning specialist in a year. That same year, I was hired by an air conditioner company & started working as an regular Heating and A/C serviceman. I briefly trained under a more advanced Heating and A/C tech, however soon I was on our own working & repairing gas heating systems & air conditioner units. I legitimately love & like our task, even if it can be strenuous at times plus working legitimately long seconds, my task has wonderful pay & it is fairly easy. I am legitimately excited with our life choices.

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