I didn’t want to transfer to the north

At least here, the air conditioner takes care of the heat

The last arena I ever want to be is any arena that is up north. I have some relatives that live up there plus it is just far too cold. I have been there a few times plus I am consistently shivering plus miserable. Even though the south is bad, I would rather take the intense heat over the frosty any day. Which is why it was entirely taxing to turn down a task offer from our dream company. I consistently wanted to toil at a particular company, because they are known for being entirely fantastic to their employees, not only are the benefits awesome, however lots of paid time off as well. For a long time, I didn’t have the necessary requirements in order to meet the minimum for the task. However, after years of experience, I can finally say that I have the requirements now. I applied for many weird tasks plus I was ecstatic when I got a reply from them. They loved our resume plus everything however they wanted myself and others to transfer up north to their sister location, which I couldn’t do. It was taxing to turn down, but I can’t rest the cold. Even with the heating method running, it consistently feels frosty up there. At least here, the air conditioner takes care of the heat. It is only on the most severe nights that the A/C doesn’t toil as well. I am hoping to stay down here, plus get a nice air conditioned office at our dream company. But for now, that will have to wait.

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