My cousins were complaining about the south

I heard our PC beginning ringing & I looked to see who was calling.

It was our cousin again, undoubtedly complaining about the south as usual.

That has become a bit of a routine, our cousin calling to complain about the heat. Not legitimately sure what to tell her, she is the a single who decided to move down there to begin with, despite our best efforts to warn her. But our cousin was always obsessed with the white sand beaches & sunny days & didn’t hear me. However, what she didn’t take into account was the fact that the south is often legitimately, legitimately hot. The same way that the north is often pretty cold. When I picked up the PC, sure enough, she started to tell me the latest incident. Apparently the cooling system, which was still fairly new, broke down today. She told me about how she had to call a Heating and A/C worker out to come & look at it & repair it. And then she was complaining about how the Heating and A/C system was awful, & didn’t keep her loft cool enough & it shouldn’t have broken down & so forth. I asked her some general Heating and A/C service questions to see how well she inspected the cooling unit, only to find out that she didn’t take care of it at all. No wonder it broke down so early. I tried to provide her some Heating and A/C tune up tips, however she wasn’t listening & continued to complain. Some people just can’t be helped.


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