The hotel maintenance man wasn’t available

For the most part, I love staying at hotels, and knowing that I can get our own private room away from people makes myself and others happy.

Occasionally I stay at hotels just to be away for a little while.

It’s not anything against our family or friends, I just love our alone time. I was staying at a hotel for a few nights, plus but I was originally staying to get some peace plus quiet, that was not what I got. A mother of 5 kids were our next door neighbors, plus it seemed love those kids never slept. All hours of the night at least 1 of them was up plus screaming, plus if 1 starts screaming, the others are quick to join in. They would bang their fists on the wall as well as run up plus down the halls. It was incredibly aggravating. I ended up complaining to the front desk plus they moved myself and others to another room. I could still hear the kids, however it was distant. However, there was another problem. This room didn’t seem to have proper air conditioner. The commercial Heating plus Air Conditioning method was there, however it didn’t toil respectfully. And it didn’t take long before the room heated up. Looking at the control unit, it seemed the A/C was set to a permanent 72 degrees, which was far too boiling for me. I called plus complained again, plus apparently their Heating plus Air Conditioning maintenance man wasn’t here this week, so I once again had to be moved into another room.

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