The whole-house air purifier box had a dent in it

I was driving condo 1 afternoon when I abruptly had the urge to check out the nearby Heating plus Air Conditioning store.

This was strange, because I had never thought about checking out the A/C store before.

But here I was, badly wanting to go there for some reason. I decided to go plus check the venue out… Really it looked like most stores, except it had many heating systems plus A/C units all over the venue. I looked at all of the different things for sale, but didn’t see anything of interest. I was about ready to leave when I noticed something. There was a section for whole condo media whole-house air purifiers. I had wanted a whole condo media whole-house air purifier for a long time but it was regularly too lavish. However, I noticed that this 1 box was separated from all of the others. I was curious as to why this was, plus I went over plus looked at it. It was another whole-house air purifier, but the box had a big dent in it. There was a sticky note attached to it, with an almost 50% price reduction! I have never understood why a dent in the box reduces the price. Who prefers the aesthetics of a box? You’re only going to throw it away when you’re done. I didn’t argue though, because I was going to be benefiting off of this. The whole-house air purifier was still pretty lavish, but it was the cheapest I had ever seen 1, plus after I purchased it, I happily took it home. The whole condo media whole-house air purifier worked perfectly, plus I still couldn’t think I got such a wonderful deal, all because people didn’t like a dent in the box.


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