A/C corporation sent out letters

I was sorting through my mail, and as I had already figured, most of it was trash.

  • However, I was surprised to see that one of the letters was from the local cooling company.

This was strange, because I had never received a letter from them before. Curious, I opened it up and read the letter. They were informing me that they were no longer doing the HVAC service plan I signed up for. Unfortunately, the cooling corporation was going out of business and was going to be closed by next month. This was saddening to hear, but I was at the end of my HVAC service plan anyways, so I wasn’t too unhappy. To make up for the loss of the service plan, the A/C company gave a discount code on their website that I could use to buy some of their last remaining products. A lot of their products were on sale to begin with, and so I was able to buy a portable heater for a really cheap price. But now with my main HVAC company gone, I knew I was going to need to find another. I looked at other local A/C businesses, and there was another one pretty close by. I called them, and thankfully, they also had a service plan, and it was even slightly cheaper. So I guess this heating corporation will be my new main A/C business to rely on, and I already have the service plan from them as well. So in the end I am not really losing anything.


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