My family didn’t want me to become an A/C specialist

In school, I was always the star student.

Always the one with the highest grades, straight A’s.

It was always so easy for me too, half of the time I didn’t even need to study. My parents saw the potential and had me put in advanced classes, and even those classes I thrived in. My parents and teachers alike were impressed and told me that I was going to do great things in life. I am sure in their heads they were thinking something along the lines of a doctor or astronaut or something like that. However, I knew from the start that I was not interested in any of that. I wanted to live a nice and simple life. I am a minimalist, and I really don’t need much to keep me happy. So when I graduated high school and told my parents I was going to HVAC university, they weren’t exactly thrilled. None of my family wanted me to become a HVAC specialist, and they sure tried to pressure me to change my mind. But my mind was made up, I wanted a nice and easygoing life. Just because I am smart doesn’t mean that I am obligated to loan my brain to the world. Besides, being good in school doesn’t always mean success in life. Anyways, despite my parent’s protests, I went to HVAC university and graduated as a HVAC specialist. I have been working as a heating and A/C specialist for a while now, and I am truly happy. This is exactly what I wanted.

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